My Story

It all began with an Argus 35mm rangefinder camera when I was 15 years old. Since then, I have grown with the evolution of digital technology, yet that very camera holds a cherished place beside me in my office every single day. It serves as a constant reminder of my immense gratitude for living my dream as a full-time artist, pursuing what I am truly passionate about. This flame of passion never wanes; it fuels an ongoing and ever-renewing adventure. Whether I am capturing the most exquisite moments of a wedding or discovering profound beauty in the simplicity of everyday life, I am perpetually enthralled. Passion, to me, is far more than a cliché; it holds deep meaning. It is what transformed a childhood hobby into a lifelong career and what continues to drive me to surpass my limits, refine my skills, and grow each passing day. Passion has been a guiding light throughout my creative journey, helping me navigate an industry disrupted by technology and enabling me to thrive in my hometown’s photography business community. Moreover, it has transformed countless clients into cherished friends.

While I hold a special fondness for those days spent cutting film and developing photographs in my parents’ homemade darkroom, as well as my initial role at the photography lab at Penn State, it was the day I started using that camera to connect people with their treasured memories that I truly found my purpose. It is the personal connections I forge daily through my photographs that inspire and push me to create my finest work. With time passing, my focus and philosophy have remained unwavering: to capture life’s most beautiful moments, to reveal stories of love, joy, and laughter, and to create timeless images that endure the test of time.

Weddings: Connecting People and Memories

With great honor, I have had the privilege of capturing over 700 weddings in State College and beyond. From grand events to intimate gatherings, from traditional venues to the most unique locations, I have experienced it all. Catering to diverse cultures, budgets, and lifestyles, my passion as a photographer lies in preserving the beauty that surrounds us every day.

However, there is something truly magical about documenting the love, emotion, and spirit of a couple’s wedding day. The energy and excitement of these moments fuel my creativity, and I draw inspiration from the personal touches that make each wedding unique. Every detail is carefully considered as I curate and edit images, ensuring that your cherished memories are beautifully recorded. Your wedding day is fleeting, but through my lens, you will be able to relive every heartfelt moment.

I have the ability to anticipate the perfect angles, seek out the ideal lighting, and navigate unexpected scenarios seamlessly. It is this expertise and experience that sets me apart from other photographers. Knowing where to be at the right time, capturing fleeting glances, and freezing raw emotions – these are the skills honed over countless weddings.

Allow me to be your trusted guide through this whirlwind of a day. You won’t miss a single precious moment with me by your side. Together, let’s create an extraordinary gallery of memories that will stand the test of time.

Penn State Photography: Connecting Memories to Places

I was born and raised in State College, graduated from Penn State, and have proudly made this place my home. With a profound connection to the area, I specialize in capturing the Penn State campus from unique angles and offering fresh perspectives. My extensive collection of images showcases rare, tranquil moments that highlight the natural beauty of the region’s iconic landmarks. Notably, my series of historic Penn State elm photos beautifully depict the trees in all their glory. Recognized in local and national publications, my work is displayed at prestigious fine art shows, local businesses, and State College art galleries. As a privilege, I have been entrusted with photographing the official portraits of the Penn State Blue Band for the past 15 years – an endeavor that holds a special place in my heart.

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